Workshop at CLEF 2022

Dr. Tristan Miller will be co-organizing a workshop at CLEF 2022, the 13th Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum.

The workshop, entitled "JOKER: Automatic Pun and Humour Translation", aims to unify research in the automatic localization of humour and puns by studying existing translation strategies and creating a multilingual, parallel corpus and a set of standardized evaluation metrics.

The other workshop co-organizers are Liana Ermakova (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), Sílvia Araújo (Universidade do Minho), Radia Hannachi (Université de Bretagne-Sud), Elise Mathurin (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), Fabio Regattin (Università degli Studi di Udine), and Anne-Gwenn Bosser (École nationale d'ingénieurs de Brest).

CLEF 2022 will be held on September 5–9, 2022 at the University of Bologna.

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