Two panels at ISHS 2022

Dr. Tristan Miller will be co-convening and presenting at two panels of the 2022 International Society for Humor Studies Conference (ISHS).

The first panel, held on June 30, is the Reinhold Aman Memorial Panel on Abusive and Aggressive Humor. Dr. Miller opens the panel with a retrospective of Maledicta editor Reinhold Aman's life and work.

The second panel, held on July 1, is the annual Humor and Artificial Intelligence Panel. Dr. Miller will be presenting joint work with his student, Anna Palmann, on assessing the relationship between phonological and semantic distance and perceived funniness of punning jokes.

The International Society for Humor Studies Conference aims at a representative overview of the state of the art in the scientific study of humor, with networking possibilities with humor scholars from a wide variety of disciplines. This year's conference will be held from June 29 to July 2 in Bertinoro, Italy.

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